Having my ears blessed by St. Cerumen

After graduating from University in Ontario I journeyed to Vancouver for a two week holiday.  That was 30 years ago and I’ve never looked back.  I work in healthcare (“Gee Nurse Bob how did you come up with such a cool moniker?”) and in my spare time I indulge my two biggest passions---cinema and science fiction.  When I’m not watching a DVD or heading off to one of our many film festivals I can usually be found haunting the aisles of the nearest bookstore or surfing Amazon-type websites with my Visa Gold Card clenched firmly between my teeth.  I also enjoy a good concert, the occasional opera, live theatre, and fireworks. Vancouver not only has one of the best Shakespearean festivals in North America, Bard on the Beach, but also boasts one of the coolest fireworks competitions each summer, the Honda Celebration of Light.

But first and foremost I love the art of cinema.  I love seeing how other cultures explore the human condition through the medium of film.  And I love having long discussions with like-minded people especially right after viewing a particularly good movie.

I hope you enjoy my little mini-reviews, they represent a small fraction of all the films I’ve actually seen.  As you can see my tastes tend to be eclectic; I have no problem watching Bergman’s Winter Light and then popping in Emmanuelle and the White Slave Trade.  It’s all about variety and balance!  I started writing these critiques out of necessity as I was tired of people constantly asking me to recommend a good DVD or festival film. I see over 300 movies, documentaries, and shows per year and it’s pretty well impossible to rattle off titles from memory. I received so many compliments from my initial printed reviews that I decided to post a website people can access if they feel like it. Many thanks to my husband Ron for doing all the hard work setting it up!

The reviews are arranged alphabetically as outlined to the right. Also, there is a “Recent Reviews” section for the last 20 films or so I’ve seen which will be constantly updated as time permits. Thank-you for stopping by...